History of Hemp

No plant has had as complex a relationship with humanity as Hemp.

Hemp evolved in Central Asia where it became the first fiber plant to be cultivated. Cotton from India and Mediterranean Flax were not introduced until thousands of years later. At this nascent stage of civilization, Hemp was one of the threads that held communities together. Since then, Hemp has been the most widely used cash crop for apparel, medicine, nutrition, wood, construction, paper etc. up until the ban was enforced.

The Hemp Story

  • It was only in 1970 that the United States passed the Controlled Substances Act, classifying Industrial Hemp as Marijuana, hence criminalizing it. Very soon, all countries trading with the U.S were forced to criminalize it as well.
  • In India, the Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), passed in 1985, assigned the authority of growing and controlling Industrial Hemp to the States.
  • The incredible value of its seeds and fiber have earned it the designation of a “cash crop”. Hemp is unique among other crops as every part of the plant has utility and potential market value. While its fiber can replace textiles and synthetic materials to manufacture ropes, canvas, paper and clothes, Hemp seed/oil has has many uses in the food, hygiene and industrial markets.
  • Not only can Hemp be used to create an astonishingly wide range of products, but its net environmental benefit is also very impressive. Among its most appealing features, hemp grows in a variety of climates and soil types and is naturally resistant to most pests. It also grows very tightly spaced allowing it to outcompete most weeds.

Usage Over the Years

0000 - Emergence goes back to the Mesozoic Age ( Age of Dinosaurs)

10000 BC - Central Asian Kingdoms (Present China) started the extensive use of Hemp Fabric

3000 BC - Hemp Fiber was used in the construction of the Great Pyramids

1400 AD - Columbus sailed to America using Hemp sails and ropes

1492 AD - Knights enjoyed drinking Hemp Beer over any other alcoholic beverage

1776 AD - The Declaration of Independence (USA) was drafted on a Hemp Paper

1880 AD - Van Gogh painted mostly on Hemp Canvas. The word 'Canvas' is derived from the word Cannabis

1940 AD - During the World War II, the United States of America issued a subsidy on hemp farming and hemp products which were used extensively for the war effort

1970 AD - Controlled Substances Act classified industrial hemp as Marijuana

1970 AD - CSA pressurized all nations trading with the United States of America to criminalize Hemp

1985 AD - NDPS Act India: The Indian Government, assigned the authority of growing and controlling of Industrial Hemp to Indian states