Environmental Benefits

Cultivated for thousands of years, Hemp is one of the most environment friendly plants on the planet. The fact that it’s virtually carbon neutral, that it doesn’t require any pesticides and that all of the plant can be put to good use, means that it can provide a sustainable alternative to many of today’s unsustainable practices. 

Hemp can, for the most part, reduce the need for many other mass-produced modern raw materials. And unlike most crops, rather than depleting the earth, Hemp plants help prepare the soil for the following year’s harvest (crop rotation).

  • Hemp helps prepare the soil for the next harvest and prevents soil erosion and mudslides.
  • The cultivation of Hemp requires zero use of pesticides and chemicals as it is a natural pest-repeller.
  • It helps reduce global warming as it is a Carbon absorbing plant
  • It adapts and thrives in almost any climatic condition.
  • The plant has the ability to absorb and eradicate radioactivity in the soil.
  • The crop uses drastically less water in comparison to other cash crops, especially cotton.
  • Strong source of renewable energy.