10 amazing ways to include Hemp in your daily routine


Indians have already begun to include hemp in their diet. Hemp seeds have been consumed as hemp powder and hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) for generations for cooking, oil extraction, and as a food product. Previously, only city dwellers were aware of the numerous nutritional benefits of hemp seeds. However, nowadays, everybody who is a fitness nut or wants to lose weight consumes it in numerous forms. They can eat it as part of their breakfast or brunch, or sprinkle it on top of their food.

Here are ten innovative ways to incorporate hemp into your daily life:

Protein Balls

These protein balls, made with hemp protein powder, nut butter, hemp Nubs, and oats, will keep you energized all day.

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Pancakes made with hemp protein

With these thick guilt-free pancakes made with hemp Sativa powder, which is high in protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals, you can truly feel good about eating pancakes for breakfast.

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Protein Tikki with Vegetables for a Healthy Diet

You'd never suspect these vegan veggie tikkas are also healthy because they're so tasty and flavorful.

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Hemp Sorbet.

This "Hemp Sorbet" tastes just like ice cream and has a lot of plant-based protein in it mixed with your favourite Fruits and ice. It's vegan, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free, making it an ideal breakfast or snack for ice-cream fans.

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Burger with black beans and hemp

They're great for lunch, dinner, a snack, or even breakfast. They're also a great travel companion because they're easy to pack and will keep you full for hours because of all of the protein, fibre, and nutrients. These are also quite simple to make if you have a food processor. Serve with bread, in a leaf, or all by themselves.

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Cookies made with hemp and chocolate chips

These Chocolate Chip Hemp Cookies are not only incredibly tasty, but they're also high in protein thanks to our secret ingredient: hemp Sativa powder.

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Thandai with Hemp Seeds

Thandai is a traditional Indian beverage composed of nuts, seeds, and aromatic spices. This delicious drink is commonly served during the Mahashivratri and Holi festivals. It's gluten-free, vegetarian, and oh-so-tasty!!

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Hemp Seeds Marinated Tofu Cutlets

Marinated Tofu Cutlets with Hemp become one of the greatest options for getting full protein with nine necessary amino acids that your body cannot produce and must be obtained from your food as a last resort. It has become a wonderful alternative due to its incredible content.

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Pesto made with hemp and basil

This hemp seed basil pesto has a similar flavour profile to typical basil pesto, except instead of pine nuts, hemp nubs are used instead, and Parmesan cheese is not used.

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Bhang ki Chutney

Bhang Chutney, a tangy sauce made of hemp seeds, is traditionally served in the households of Uttarakhand, in north India.

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